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Mystic? Isn’t that a crazy person sitting up on a mountain top contemplating his/her navel? Or at least contemplating something.

Henry Blackaaby, a Southern Baptist minister, brought us back to the practice of experiencing God. His study course, “Experiencing God” taught millions of people about our intensely personal, loving God who strongly desires a love relationship with His people.

Christianity Today called Charles Stanley a mystic because he said he wept when he felt the presence of God. No one would accuse Dr Stanley of being a weirdo or wacky in any way.

So what’s the deal. A mystic is Christianity is simply someone who experiences God in an intimate, personal way. That doesn’t sound to weird. Well, a few people have gone off the deep end and based their Christian life on their experiences. Notice I did not say “. . . with God.” That’s because any experience we have absolutely must be based on what Scripture says. The vast majority of Christian mystics were also very good theologians. Not all. . .

Before i go any further let me tell you. . . There will be no footnotes. You can Google this if you’re curious about what I say. That’s the importance of the word “musings.” You are getting what has been bundled up in my head for a very long time. It’s not a doctoral dissertation. It’s not a published work. It’s my musings.

In the heart of Jesus,

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