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Why quick prayers? When we awe in a crisis situation or if someone else is in a crisis, it is very difficult to find the words to pray. If we have programmed our minds with memorized praying the power from God’s throne begins to come down into the situation. But as Daniel found out, the answer to prayer begins the moment we begin to pray. (Daniel 9:23). But, there are many forces at work to prevent the answer from coming through. We must continue in prayer to God’s throne. As we found out before in the first article on praying without ceasing, the Bible tells us to “pray without ceasing.” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) Quick Praying is one way to do that.

“Thy Kingdom Come. Thy will be done in _________ (name person or situation) as it is in heaven.”

As we saw before, the Lord’s Prayer is the best prayer to show you “Prepositional Praying.” We take only the phrase “Thy kingdom come, Your will be done…” because it is a wonderfully perfect example. We will use the name Rachel because I don’t know anyone named Rachel. You can put any name or situation, including your own name there.
“Father I pray that Your kingdom would come and Your will be done in Rachel, by her, through her, and to as it is in heaven.”

 What’s the difference? Why use these prepositions. Well, they say much more than you might think. Let’s take the first one, in. We are asking God’s kingdom(rule and authority) to work inside of Rachel, in her inner being, her spirit.

But what is the “kingdom of God.” Nearly all commentaries and Bible dictionaries agree one one aspect of “the kingdom of God.” It is God’s rule and authority. Jesus actually asks us to bring down God’s rule and authority into situations and people on earth. Now that’s powerful. He also adds “. . . as it is in heaven.” It is crystal clear that God’s will is not being done on earth as it is in heaven. Wars, crime, divorce, fighting, lying, anger, bitterness, addictions, and self-centered thinking are just a few of the things that are not in heaven. In Matthew 5:3-11 you will find Jesus telling us more about the aspects of bringing heaven to earth. We won’t dig that deep today.

Let’s go back to the preposition in. We see things in another person or in ourselves or a situation that are not Christlike, we can quickly say this extremely power-packed prayer Thy kingdom come in Rachel (or people in a situation) as it is in heaven. That’s it. You have now invited God to work by His rule and authority inside of Rachel (or people in a situation) transforming her inside by the power of the Holy Spirit within her to transform her into a “kingdom of heaven citizen. Whew! That’s a lot in a little phrase, isn’t it?

 Now let’s look at the prepositionby here. This an active phrase. We are asking God to bring the kingdom of God actively by Rachel (or people in a situation) and deliberately by her thoughts, actions and words. We are agents in the world actively changing the world.

 Bringing the kingdom of God down to earth through Rachel is passive. God working through her with or without her taking part. She may never know that people were impacted by God working through her.

 The other prepositions are primarily intercessary, that is, we have been praying for the kingdom of God to come in, by, and through Rachel. Now we are asking God to bring His kingdom (rule and authority) to Rachel, those aspects of the kingdom of God that have not come to her.

“As it is in heaven.” God’s will is done perfectly in heaven by all it’s inhabitants, Angels, cherubim, armies and people.

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