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Great Article

Just discovered a great article by Amy Reinhold on contemplative prayer.    I would love to see what you think.


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About the Books

Since there are many, many ways in which the Holy Spirit leads us to maturity there are many many views on the subject.  I do not agree 100% with anyone on this earth.  My husband, Chris will certainly attest to that.  But these books do adhere to Scriptural and doctrinal principles consistent with Christian teaching.

The subject of Christian growth to maturity somehow got dropped in the mid 20th century.  It was taught for the first 1,500 years of Christianity, though.  And is now being taught again.  Bill Bright had to reintroduce us to the concept of being Spirit-filled in the mid-60s. There has been a lot of confusion about holiness, sanctification, spiritual maturity, being godly.  They all mean the same thing, becoming like Jesus.  Learning to allow the Holy Spirit to fill and control our inner self until we think, talk and act like Jesus.  If it sounds like a tall order, it is.  The journey of a life time.

The spiritual transformation movement relies heavily on those first 1,500 years of teaching and rightly so.  It would be the height of arrogance to ignore the spiritual journeys and lives of all those wonderful believers. But their emphasis is primarily on the spiritual disciplines and the role they can play in “making space for Jesus”  as Ruth Barton says in “Sacred Rythms.”  I like that phrase very much.  But it’s much more than just making space, we must fall in love with God.  And, that takes your breath away.  That’s what this course is about.  How do get to know God well enough to fall in love with Him, to have that intimate love relationship that God always intended for me to have with Him?

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Hi Visitors

Please leave a comment before you leave.  I would especially like to hear which books you get and what you think of them.


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Class Last Night

We had a fantastic class last night.  Lots of great questions and comments. 

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Notice the LESSONS tab at the top.  Now all the lessons from week to week for our spiritual maturity class will be posted under that tab.  That leaves the comments and blogging here.  The first class was full just the introduction to the subject.  But notice the “Goal of Spiritual Maturity” in Lesson 2 – “Living a life of divine LOVE reflecting the nature of Jesus in humble service to others.”  The rest is how to get there from here, wherever “here” is for you and me.

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The lessons will be on pages under the Lessons tab soon.  That will free up the blogging space for comments and. . .well, blogging. 

Thanks for your patience

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Sister-site and Book list

Here’s a link to the sister-site: 

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